This podcast is dedicated to helping you improve your life and deepen your spirituality. Do you feel stuck in life? Maybe you just want to learn how to live your most authentic and happy life. Then this is the podcast for you. This is a daily podcast dedicated to self improvement and spirituality. I will show you how to make your life easier and better. Prepare to shine like never before.


People who are negative often feel the need to bring others down to their level with them. Thus, we get the expression misery loves company. During these trying times it is so important for us to stay strong, hopeful, and positive. We are not responsible for anyone else's happiness.  When people are codependent, it means that they put all of the responsibility of being happy on someone else.  This is very draining emotionally.  The only person who is responsible for your happiness is you.  It's time to stop allowing others to rely on you for total emotional or physical support.  Free yourself today from toxic codependent relationships. 

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