This podcast is dedicated to helping you improve your life and deepen your spirituality. Do you feel stuck in life? Maybe you just want to learn how to live your most authentic and happy life. Then this is the podcast for you. This is a daily podcast dedicated to self improvement and spirituality. I will show you how to make your life easier and better. Prepare to shine like never before.

What is an Empath

Are you an empath? Many people are empaths and have no idea what that even means. If you pick up easily on others emotions, or are very sensitive to what’s going on around you, then you may be an empath. In today’s episode, I talk about the signs that show you may be an empath. I also talk about how to deal with your sensitivity to other people’s emotions. It’s important to understand how to shield yourself. I talk about how you can easily do this before you begin your day. 

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